How people use the Rangmaster:

First of all a lot of people buy the am1000 just for fun. A lot of people enjoy setting up the Rangemaster in their own neighborhoods and broadcasting to their neighbors and friends. People can broadcast their favorite kind of music, produce their own shows and report neighborhood news. An HOA (Home owners association) may provide funds to purchase an AM1000 to broadcast neighborhood news and events. The AM1000 will provide excellent range for a neighborhood system, 1- 1.5 miles.
Multiple Transmitters!
Cover your entire community!

Here’s What Can You Do With The Rangemaster…

  • Commercial Radio - The Rangemaster sounds better on the air (where you can pick it up) than some local commercial AM stations. So if you have the time and money, you can buy one and become a small town’s first commercial radio station. If you want to expand your signal, the Rangemaster allows GPS synch or cabled master/slave connections between units. In other words, you can add to your coverage by adding more transmitters on the same frequency – your only limit is your budget! (And don’t forget to pay your music royalties.)
  • College / University Student Radio – If your former student station has been hijacked by NPR, then get some funds together and get one of these. If your college has never had a student station, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Wake Forest University’s WAKE is cable FM - they could easily place a few of these around the perimeter of the campus (getting the signal from cable FM tuners) and serve northern Winston-Salem. Barton College has never had a radio station of any type, and the school’s small footprint means one Rangemaster should easily cover all of the dorm rooms.
  • Translator / Satel-lator - If you are in love with a distant station that you can barely hear, then get a high gain antenna, a good tuner, and feed the audio into the Rangemaster. You’ll be able to hear the formerly weak station clearly all over the place. Religious organizations might want to buy a lot of these units to put signals into areas where the FM band is full. A perfect example would be adding K-Love and/or Air1 to a metropolitan college by building a tower just outside the campus.
  • Shopping Districts – Tell everybody about how good your mall is, or that downtown is still alive. Don’t forget to buy a digital recorder that repeats the message.
  • Campground Radio – Fun for the campers!
  • RV Parks – Tell your visitors about the area, sell some ads!
  • Resort Areas – An ideal application for low-power radio. Everyone is tightly packed into one spot and with readily-available vacation cash. The Rangemaster’s broadcast serves as an exciting shopping/dining guide. Just put out brochures, and start selling advertising.
  • Historic Sites – In addition to facts, tell everyone about visiting hours, the gift shop, and other things to do in the area.
  • Ferry Parking Areas – On the way over to Ocracoke, Bald Head Island, or whatever other place over the water, people sit and wait for the boat – YOU have a CAPTIVE audience. They are just sitting there in their cars. Put up a sign, and tell them what’s happening at their destination!
  • Event Parking (Fairs, Sports, Concerts) – Broadcast rules, regulations, advertising, etc.
  • In-Venue Play-by-Play Broadcast – Modern radio now has an awful delay due to digital compression and new profanity-delay gear. A Rangemaster will return your station’s ability to serve patrons at the ballgame.
  • Event Language Translation – Billy Graham’s organization has been doing this sort of thing for years. Using a Rangemaster, now your group can invite the local Spanish speaking population to join in. Just make sure that you have a good interpreter and lots of ‘Walkman’ type radios available when you fire up the transmitter.
  • Restaurants - Let the customers know the "special of the day" while they are in the area or just waiting in the drive thru! Let them know what frequency you're on with signs and newspaper ads.
  • Real Estate - Radio is great for new sub division sales, let folks who are driving around know what is going on as the sub division is being built, and when lots are ready broadcast a sales presentation 24/7!
  • Car Dealerships - Radio Ford! Play music and your commercials. Customers can listen to as they take their test drive.
  • Hotels - Radio is great for directions, especially if you are hard to find or are at the end of a snaggle of roads, just tell the customer what frequency to listen to when they get close & talk them in!
  • High Schools - Practice for a communications class, practice being on the air to your community or just have a school station for fun!
  • Churches - Radio is great to let prospective guests know more about the church before they set foot on church grounds. Also it can be a parking aid, making the first time guest visit much smother. Tell them where to park, where to take their kids depending on age, service times, how to get connected!
  • Companies - A company radio station! It's hard to get information to the employees, when they want to know what's going on they can tune here.
  • Condo Associations - Let the folks know what's going on with radio, also the system can be used to inform in case of emergency!
  • Banks - Talk to customers waiting in your drive thru and the surrounding area!
  • Golf courses - Swim Clubs - A club radio station! You can use radio for basic parking information or keep a complete schedule of events broadcasting for your patrons convenience.
  • Construction Information - Let them know what's going on! Instead of questions and curious looks put all the information on the air!
  • Native American Reservations - Our unit often has the perfect range to cover a village, play native american music.
  • Rest Stops - Play the weather and/or travel information for the traveler.
  • Ranches, Resorts - Let your guests know as they are arriving where to go, greet them with radio! They can go through a "mini orientation" as they are coming up the driveway!
  • Christmas Light Display - The big benefit here is the RangeMaster's range, most light display's cover a large area. Enhance the show with sound!
  • City Tours - Give the tourist walkman type AM radios and send them out! with the range of the RangeMaster they could walk around a large area like old Williamsburg and still pick you up. Several frequencies could be used to talk about different areas.
  • Solar - The RangeMaster can easily go solar! Add a 40-60 watt panel, marine battery and a trace controller and you are in business!