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The RangeMaster Transmitter

 License Free AM Radio Band

 Part 15 Transmitter!


AM1000C (Module) System $895
Full Feature Model Module
Special price only $845
This is the what most people buy

AM1000A (Agile) System $995
Full Feature Model with agile board
special price only $895

Module is precise plug-in channel control, Agile is channel control by switch selection. Most choose Module because of the extreme stability, important for best range.

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Hobbybroadcaster review
RangeMaster Tested the best!

The answer is Crystal Clear!
Go for the quality, our digital module controlled units puts you in the professional league. You need a stable signal for good range for your station!
All other transmitters use PLL circuits, which is the same type of circuit that "toys" use. the accuracy of these PLL circuits can be 20-30 times worse.


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