Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is ready to mount to your building, pole, or any suitable location. Once mounted, the unit is cabled to your audio and power source using 2 pair shielded wire.

You can drive the RangeMaster AM1000 FCC certified transmitter with audio from almost any audio source. Customers use CD players, computers, digital players, and many other sources. If you specify your audio source when ordering we will try to provide any needed interface though the included AM1000PR audio adapter will provide the needed interface for most situations.

A audio adapter (AM1000PR) is included with the transmitter that will adapt the 600 ohm balanced audio the transmitter uses to an unbalanced 3.5mm jack. Download this PDF file for audio connection information.

A standard 16-volt wall transformer is included for a power source.

The Rangemaster can be modulated 130% positive and 90% negative peak for that "BIG" station sound! We recommend the Innovonics 222 as an excellent companion to the AM1000.

A special feature of the AM1000 Rangemaster is that the units can be synchronized together to cover a greater area. You can mount transmitters around a shopping mall/building and link them together so they not heterodyne.  E-mail for further details. There are other methods for multiple transmitters,see link.

New! Don't want to fool with a voltmeter? Call in with your order, let us know and for the same cost of the voltmeter we will install in your transmitter a small permanent meter that is easy.


Choose the easy to use permanent tune meter!


The AM1000C unit is crystal"module" controlled (specify frequency when ordering) or you can buy the AM1000A unit that will allow the frequency to be selected with switches. Crystals are easily changed and a spare crystal is included free (specify frequency choice). Using a crystal is recommended for the serious installation as they as more accurate and stable then the frequency synthesizer. However if you know that you will need to be changing frequencies often buying the AM1000C version may be the correct choice for you. The only difference between the Am1000C and AM1000A is the crystal/agile option.

This unit is meant to be installed by someone who has some radio/technical background, a technician. If you donít feel qualified to install this unit yourself contact a local radio/TV shop. They may be able to help. Also if you have a friend who is a Ham radio operator they may be able to help you.

Thinking about buying/operating an Uncertified illegal FM or AM band Transmitter? Don't do it!
You can go to jail and be fined for violating FCC rules!
An FM transmitter that has more then approx. 100 feet of range is illegal!

Click here if you are concerned about any legal issues.


Need a repeating loop MP3 player? We are a dealer for the quality Premier Tech line of Players USB1100 $249

OR just use an inexpensive MP3 Player!


RangeMaster is made and sold in the U.S.A.! 

Dealers and Installers:

Email Joe Pelham for help in the Connecticut area.
 Pelham Broadcasting
Post Office Box 813
Southport, CT 06890

Tel: 203-924-1877

See www.tonydeeradio.com for help in the New Jersey area.

Call Jon Kasprick in the Seattle area   253-951-3347

See www.lpam.net for William Walker's website (RangeMaster message board!)

See www.radioedu.com for John Devecka's LPAM website.
John is in the Baltimore MD area

See Mid-Atlantic Engineering Service of Central NY for installation help in NY (Southern Tier, Central, Tugg Hill, Northern Regions)

In the NYC area Joe Stack can help, (609) 647-9677  www.stackleydevices.com/

Email Bob Wilkinson in Florida (Edgewater) for installation help

In New Mexico Joseph Gray  505-523-6121

In Arizona try Audie Morrow  AAC Broadcast Solutions 520 509 6095

In Louisville, KY try:
Daryl D. Doss
Doss Technical Services
Kentucky, southern Ohio and southern Indiana. Beyond that for larger installations.   www.dosstech.com

In LA call Dick Burton  8183404590

In Oregon try EBS sales Ron Eriksson

Click here if you are concerned about any legal issues.

The AM1000 Story.
Reach the community

Why buy the RangeMaster?

 See an example simple system

Are you a Church? We want to work with you! Click here for information sheet.                 We love to work with Hispanic churches and organizations!    radiohispana.org     Click here for AM processing article

The unit utilizes a standard 102" sturdy whip antenna (available at your local radio store,  If your local CB store doesn't stock the antenna, try a local Ham radio shop. You can purchase the antenna from us if you can't find it locally.

Call for Quantity discounts.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Heavy duty unit will give years of service
  • The best range of any Part 15 unit we know of
  • Designed as a scaleable solution that will expand when needs expand.
  • FCC certified so it is fully legal

See Download Page for Product Manual.

Outdoor Box Size
4.65" x 3.64" x 8.65" High (11" including ant. mount)

Mount holes are at 8.03" x 3.23" centers (#10 screw) Outdoor unit weight 2.85lb

Stainless Antenna .75lb Standard 102" CB whip 3/8 x 24 base

Allow 1lb for 2 mounting bracket bars.

Operating range -40 - +60 C
Outdoor box is .25" thick fiberglass construction
Stability Am1000C +/- 2 Hz   Am1000A +/- 10 Hz
12-18 VDC at .1 AMP
Audio Sensitivity Adjustable from -10db to 0 Gain

Interface module AM1000PR:
3.5MM jack for audio
2.1mm x 5.5mm center positive for power
20-20Khz +/- 2db (older units were +/- 3db, we can upgrade them to the newer +/- 2db)
+/- 6db level adjust on AM1000PR module


Please choose 2 transmit frequencies 1590Khz 1600Khz 1610Khz 1620Khz 1630Khz 1640Khz 1650Khz 1660Khz 1670Khz 1680Khz 1690Khz 1700Khz  and include choice in the comments section when you pay. 1610Khz or 1620Khz is recommended, as these frequencies are usually the quietest. (Check your frequency choice in your area by listening in during different times of the day to that frequency before your order.) Using the higher frequencies (above 1400Khz) is recommended as there is less background noise and the transmitter is more efficient at the higher frequencies.


The features of the AM1000 are too numerous to fully cover:

  • The Legality! Rest assured that you can operate under the law, and if there is a issue we will be there to help.
  • RangeMaster digital link! Only RangeMaster has this RS485 carrier interface. This link allows great flexibility in designing your multiple transmitter system. With this link it is possible to synchronize RF carriers between transmitters. 
  • GPS controlled sync capability for multiple transmitters! (RF carrier, not the audio) 
  • Quality Construction! Assembled in USA!
  • Onboard included "Green light" power set system makes setting the power easy! (Just let us know if you would rather have a voltmeter)
  • The outdoor box is 1/4 inch fiberglass (better then metal) wall, made in Germany, designed for many years of service.
  • Repair record! The only repairs we get are units dropped from towers and lighting related (be careful in routing cables)
  • Power! Power is adjusted and controlled by you!  Some (store bubble packed) transmitters and others do not have adjustable power and typically are not operating at the full allowed power.
  • Stability! Rock solid stability, like the big stations! This is critical for several reasons. click
  • Great installation video! 40 minute install video goes through the areas of installation in detail.
  • AM1000PR studio module! Easy interface provides a transmitter wire to audio 1/8"
    plug connection.
  • Great Range! The RangeMaster range is legendary!
  • Great sound! Near FM sound quality! Virtually flat response from 20hz thru 20khz!
  • Only Part 15 with Asymmetrical capability! Drive the AM1000 to 125% mod with an AM audio processor like the Innovonics 222 or Volumnmax (These audio processors are designed to be used with an AM transmitter). Or improve you sound with a standard processor (like a Behringer Autocom Pro MDX1400). Some transmitters have a single chip included audio processor which is typically not very helpful.
  • Resale! You are not buying junk! resale value is high on our product.
  • Long life design! Our transmitters are designed to last many years.
  • Lighting protection! Antenna has gas tube protection, balanced audio in is transformer isolated (helps prevent ground loops and adds protection and isolation) Power also has protection.
  • Temperature range! We have units operating in the desert and in the artic!
  • Low power consumption. Great for solar applications.
  • Of course, no FCC license required.
  • Not a kit, fully assembled. (It is illegal to sell transmitters without being certified).
  • We recommend using high quality shielded wire which we can supply. Other makers include cheap wire.
  • Uses easily replaceable locally available standard 102' CB whip antenna, Radio Shack part # 21-903
  • See the order page for any current specials that may be in effect!

See the following links: Kits   Part 15 Rules   AM1000DATA   Call or E-mail for new DVD installation video!

Phone (919)367-0607

microwave link interface board available! (click for information)

Call to see if you can qualify to be a dealer to get the dealer or installer discount. Also a discount will be given for churches and schools, please call instead of ordering of the website. We love to work with churches and ministries!!! We also like to work with engineering professionals and technicians! Call for your discount. The AM1000 comes with complete instructions, a installation video, power supply, and audio adapter (AM1000PR). Setting the power is easy! Just adjust until you get the "Green light"

Hearing about people that are getting 2+ miles range and wondering if you can do it? Click here

NEW! Two options for the audio adapter (the basic am1000pr audio adapter included free with every transmitter purchase)

Order the powered adapter pictured for just $25 more (call your order in)

Click here to download an installation checklist, make putting up YOUR station easy!

Putting up the Rangemaster can be as easy as installing an TV antenna! You just mount the transmitter and once you properly ground and tune the transmitter you can get the incredible range and sound that many others have gotten with the Rangemaster! Most everything you might need you can get at Radio Shack or Lowes (see pictures below). Our units are fully legal, you can broadcast commercials or anything you want! If you use an audio processor like the Innovonics 222, you will get even more range legally! Our transmitter is the only one we know of that can be modulated +130% like big station transmitters to give more range and big sound! However you will sound good without an audio processor or you can just use an Behringer audio processor which won't modulate the transmitter to the full +130% but it will improve your sound.

Click Here for some of the Radio Shack mounting hardware

First you mount the 1 1/4" mast from Radio Shack to your house or building, and then you mount the AM1000 RangeMaster AM Transmitter to the 1 1/4" mast with the mounting bracket AM1000BR which can we supply.

Once the transmitter is secure you do you wiring, run the shielded wire which we can provide down to your studio. One pair is for audio and the other pair(s) is for power. Then run your ground wire (from Lowes) from the ground terminal on the transmitter to a ground rod (Radio Shack) or other suitable ground.

Then do your tuning using either the computer on the transmitter or a voltmeter or the meter installed in the transmitter option, (a voltmeter is more precise). Finally adjust the power to the legal limit using the computer "green light" legal power indicator (very easy)

Then plug in your audio and you are on the air! Mounting the transmitter outside is a little more trouble then an inside unit but the range gained is worth it for the serious broadcaster. See the How To Hints page for further details.

The AM1000 can be used in a multiple transmitter system for more range! Click here for guidance in setting up your multiple transmitter system.

The most impressive feature of the RANGEMASTER is its performance. Not only the range but also the audio quality. You'll get that big station sound. Be sure to check out the How To Hints link on the left for detailed help in setting up your station!

The RANGEMASTER is the transmitter of choice for your church radio station or a business oriented community radio station.  Let us know what your goals are for local broadcasting, we will work with you to make your local station a reality. Don't take a chance on Part 15 transmitters that just won't do the job, go with the favorite!

Helpful Website information:
Installing the Cable. See:   Cabling
Connecting the ground wire:   Ground
Tuning the Rangemaster:   Tuning
How to get 100% Modulation:   Modulation
Using audio processing:   Audio
Hints for getting good range:   Hints
Multiple Transmitters:   Multiple Transmitters
Portable lift for installing:   Snorkel

This unit is meant to be installed by someone who has some radio/technical background, a technician. If you donít feel qualified to install this unit yourself contact a local radio/TV shop. They may be able to help. Also if you have a friend who is a Ham radio operator they may be able to help you.