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The RangeMaster Transmitter



RangeMaster is the AM Part 15 transmitter people chose when they want to have results...
Do the research and find out what transmitter people are getting results with, the one you will see again and again is RangeMaster.

We have been the leader and the Part 15 innovator for many years, don't be stuck with a "real estate sales" type AM Part 15, or something that isn't legal, or some sort of copy, go for the best.
Rangemaster is FCC certified

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AM1000C (Module) System $895
Full Feature Model Module
Special price only $845

AM1000A (Agile) System $995
Full Feature Model with agile board
special price only $895
(AM1000C has the RS485 serial interface)
Difference between Am1000C/E(click)

Note: the "Module" is a "plug in" that determines the channel, it is VERY stable, but does one channel only. You get two modules with each module transmitter. More can be purchased for $12 each.
The "agile board" can plug into any of the transmitters to allow setting of the channel with switches. While the agile board is very stable the Module/crystal has extreme stability important for demanding applications.

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Hobbybroadcaster review
RangeMaster Tested the best!


of the many illegal transmitters for sale. A legal transmitter will have an FCC ID number. Watch out for "compliant" or imported FM transmitters that have miles of range, in some states operating an illegal transmitter can get you


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Why buy the RangeMaster?

New SYSTEM Price!
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Build your own system or buy a discounted system. Choose from the AM1000C/E module or AM1000A agile transmitter, both are “crystal” based. The AM1000A allows for easy setting of transmit channel with switches, The Am1000C/E has great stability, (better then any other) and can also be used for multiple transmitter installations. The stability of the RangeMaster “crystal” keeps you on channel, which increases your effective range. Others use a “PLL phase lock” circuit, which is the same circuit toys use. These circuits can drift way off channel when outside temperature or voltage changes.
Watch out when other tell you "Only an engineer can install a Rangemaster but ours can be installed by anyone". The truth is Rangemaster copies, though typically inferior, are installed exactly the same. The truth is best results will be realized when using the help of a person with a tech background with any radio device.

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Special! For just $120 extra we will include mixer, mic with stand!

        Special! For $120 extra we will include the sansa MP3 player!