RangeMaster "No-Spin" Zone

We have tried to engineer a product that will do the best job possible for you, not just a vehicle to make money. In the early 1990;s there were no good transmitters on the market. That is why Rangemaster was brought to the market. Other companies seemed to have either copied the Rangemaster or improve there old inadequate unit to compete with the Rangemaster. . Here are some examples:

Tuned circuit: While others spend pennies here in this critical area, we use an air piston capacitor (Q of thousands) that costs us over $6 each (we have to buy 100+ of them at a time to get the price that low). The coil is tapped (expensive to do but provides the best results) and costs about $30 each.  Others cheap out here, resulting in less range as you change the operating channel up or down. 

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Fully adjustable power, some units have automatic power, usually these units wind up operating at some greatly reduced power level well below the allowed one/tenth watt. With our unit you can set your power for EXACTLY the legal limit, just look for the "Green Light".

Below is an example from a competitor that has "auto" power. In the public test results that were filed with the FCC is this example:

At 1290 kHz:
Voltage across FIN+ and FIN- = 2.096V
Current through R = 25.56mA
Voltage at FIN- wrt ground = 3.536V
Power input to final amplifier = 90.4mW

Power is only 90.4mw when 100mw is allowed!

A 10% loss of power may not sound like much but when you are working with low power evey bit matters.

All chips are socketed for ease in replacement.

We use thru hole construction. Others may use surface mount technology, but SMT technology we feel really just gives a (perceived) high tech look, no real benefit for the customer. The SMT benefit is only realized in high quantity manufacturing to reduce costs.
The benefit of thru hole technology is ease of repair and better solder joint reliability characteristics with temperature change. Often we hear customers comment on how easy the Rangemaster is to work on and repair with simple tools.

We use the highest quality power regulators.

Polarity protection and surge protection provided.

Quality, German made fiberglass box.(1/4" thick walls) Better then a metal box, this fiberglass box allows some flexibility in the wind.

Some companies used to use a metal box, but now seem to be copying our box concept. To bad for all the people that bought their transmitter with the metal box, we have heard of problems.

Our transmitters have been out in the field for 20 years now and are still going strong.

As a rule, all parts in the product are way over rated.

Great specs! New! Increased Hi-Fi response!

We have made a science of keeping these transmitter highly efficient, to get the best range possible.

Another example of an advantage of buying quality, recently some FCC agents have begun requiring filters for some ground systems. Our quality versatile coil circuitry handles that requirement easily. Some transmitters may not work if a coil is required.

Beware of "spin" that other manufacturers weave trying to get sales, do your own independent research, and definitely talk to actual users of the product!!

Just like a quality automobile our resale is high. We have even heard of folks selling our unit used for even more then you can buy it here after a discount. Transmitters that are not quality you will see selling for pennies on the dollar on the used market.